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We are happy that many have found MasterResearcher useful for research endeavors.

We hope to continuously improve and provide timely, relevant, and useful resources for FREE for the benefit of the academic and scientific community.

We welcome comments and suggestions at

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“MasterResearcher is not only a great idea, but also a very worthwhile endeavor that is well-executed. It is broad enough to benefit new as well as seasoned and published scholars. It also does a good job at expanding horizons and the sense of what is possible.”

R. Belk

“MasterResearcher is a great initiative as the resources available will help to improve research practices. I would like to congratulate you on helping to build needed resources to help emerging researchers. Keep up the great work!”

S. Rundle-Thiele

“I received good news for the first time from an A-star journal for an article that I submitted thanks to MasterResearcher.”

J. Jee

“Many thanks MasterResearcher for compiling and sharing with us useful and valuable tips for research.”

K. Kueh

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